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Cleopatra White was born in Belize on June 28, 1898, and received her education at Zella Braddick’s Private School, J.B. Watson’s Evening School, and at Ebenezer Primary School.  As a strong Methodist she is credited with founding the Ebenezer Church choir and the Women’s League. 

Her nursing career began in 1929, and became formalized in 1943 when the training of public health nurses was introduced in Belize.  Read More



Sir George Brown (1942-2007). Born on the 13th of June, 1942 to Mrs. Elma Priscilla an Mr. Noel Todd Brown, Sir George recalls his birth place, Gales Point manatee, vividly, especially the days when he and his older brother Hector used to sail at least five miles in a dorey to a sawmill to visit his father who was a millwright.

Mr. George Brown attended Saint Augustine’s Primary School in Gales Point Manatee from 1947 to 1954. Read more...





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Celebrate Belizeans every month: June


Henry C. Fairweather, M.B.E., J.P (1906-2002). Born in June 27th, 1906 he is one of Belize’s first qualified Land Surveyors and Town Planner. He planned and rebuilt Corozal after Hurricane Janet in 1955 (along with Hon. Philip Goldson), surveyed the Belize-Guatemalan border in 1932, (along with James A. Waight) sited the New Capital Belmopan, surveyed the Hummingbird and Southern Highway and is a founder patron of Belize Audubon Society. Read more...








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