Son of National Anthem author, Ronald Haynes, makes first visit to Belize


Saltpickers and Storytellers

The Leo Bradley Library welcomed author Zoila Ellis today as she presented her new book, The Salt Pickers. The book is the ninth in Cubola Productions Belizean Writer's series which previously featured mainstays of the High school literature curriculum. And the author of "On Heroes, Lizards and Passion" and "Pataki Full" presents this new volume to speak to the particular concerns of female identity across all the countries and cultures that she's inhabited. You may want to pick up your own copy of the Saltpickers to experience what Ellis's publisher calls a mature vision of women is society.


Elena Carballo

Ms. Elena Carballo is one of the few people who have managed to provide educational support for Belizean youth without being a school teacher.  Ms Elena is an educator, but not in the orthodox sense: she has spent almost two decades based at the Sandy Hunter library in Orange Walk, encouraging children to read, tutoring children with various classroom subjects, and assisting students with homework and school projects. 


Rotarians from Port Moody help with Library Project

Rotary’s Literacy and Library projects got a boost when three members of the Rotary Club of Port Moody in Vancouver visited Belize.

Zee Edgell hosted by the National Library Service in Belmopan

Well known Belizean author, Zee Edgell, has been in Belize for about two weeks during which she has been making her media rounds. This Thursday she will be appearing on Open Your Eyes. But earlier today, she was at an event hosted by the National Library Service in Belmopan.