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National Heritage Library - National ISBN Agency


Based on recommendations emanating from meetings of Executive Management and also the CCS Information Policy Committee, the Regional Agency now provides a fee-based service which requires new publishers (i.e. those who are requesting participation in the Regional ISBN System for the first time) to pay a non-refundable registration fee and also for each ISBN/block of ISBNs which is allocated. The registration fee does not apply to persons who have been previously allocated ISBNs by the Regional/National Agency. The fees for ISBNs/ISBN blocks can however be waived if the publications are intended for free distribution. Proof must however be provided for a waiver to be granted by the Regional Agency.

The processing fees are as follows:

Payment for block of ISBN

Once publishers are allowed to allocate their own ISBNs, they must submit monthly returns to the Regional/National ISBN Agency of ISBNs they have assigned, to facilitate updating of our database.


The completed Application for ISBN Registrant Element will be processed only if the publisher satisfies the necessary criteria for eligibility as outlined under heading ‘Eligibility of Publishers’. Payment should be sent only after the Regional Agency has accepted the application and the applicant has received our invoice. The Regional ISBN Agency will not provide ISBNs via telephone. The processing time for ISBN requests is ten (10) working days from receipt of the correctly completed form. This excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and is from the date the correctly completed form is received in the Agency and, not the day on which it was posted or emailed. Please note that proof of posting is not proof of delivery and the Agency can accept no responsibility for applications that do not arrive.


The Regional ISBN Agency will be responsible for the assignment of the ISBN Registrant Element to eligible publishers with a residence or office in the Caribbean and who are publishing their titles within the Caribbean. Regional/National Agencies will not assign ISBNs to publishers based outside of the Caribbean Region. All communication will be between the Agency and the Caribbean-based company.


The one-off non-refundable registration fee is payable by all new publishers requesting ISBNs regardless of the size of the output. However, the ISBN application must first be approved before any fees are sent. All remittances must be drawn on a U.S. Bank. You may choose any of the following methods of payment:

 Cheque made payable to the Caribbean Community Secretariat

 Bank Draft made payable to the Caribbean Community Secretariat

 Wire transfer (transaction fees are payable by the publisher).


Application for ISBN Registrant Element  PDF icon PDF 367KB 

Request for ISBN   PDF icon PDF 337KB

For payment instructions on making a wire transfer kindly contact the National Heritage Library via email at or or call 822-0397.