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Corozal Public Library

The Corozal Town Public Library was established in the District Commissioner's Office in 1936. It consisted of a cupboard of reference and lending books and was under the supervision of one of the clerks in the office. Because books were only available during the day, interest in the library quickly died.

Then in 1951, the National Library Service met with the Corozal Town Board and agreed to develop a public library in Corozal. The stock of books and periodicals was supplied and on May 1st, 1955, the library was opened to the public with 500 books. The reading room was open three evenings and on Sunday mornings each week. That September, Hurricane Janet almost destroyed Corozal Town and disrupted library services.

After Janet, more books were donated to replace those that had been damaged or lost, and local newspapers were made available. At that time, the library reading room was still in the Town Hall.

In 1967, the Corozal Town Board built a new library building next to the Town Hall at a cost of $5,000; and on 29th December 1967, the Honorable George Cadle Price, Premier of Belize, proudly inaugurated the library building. Miss Elma Gomez was appointed librarian and held that position for 21 years. Mr. Dennis Kisling, her assistant, is still working at the Corozal Town Library. When Miss Gomez retired in 1990, the post was filled by Mrs. Elena Castaneda.

The statue in front of the library represents the education of our children. Originally, the man held a book in one arm, but at some point many years ago, the arm was broken off.

By the early 1990s, the library had grown and needed more space, and so on December 11, 1992, a new addition was completed and dedicated to Miss Maria Elma Gomez for her excellent service and dedication as a librarian (1969-1990).

Many donations of books, time, and money have been made over the years by individuals and groups to help improve the library. One of the very active volunteers who has helped in the development of the library from November 1997 is Mrs. Rosalva Escamilla. She spends her evenings helping patrons doing research work and even assisting in library programs.

Library Information
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m - 7:00 p.m
Saturday 9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m
Assistant Librarian: Mrs. Elena Castaneda
Phone: (501) 422-3751
Address: 1st Street, Corozal Town